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About The House Painting How To Manual

The House Painting How To Manual was created by W.J. Rayment as part of a series of websites to help do-it-yourselfers in their home improvement tasks. He is author of several websites on home improvement. He has also written a humorous work describing his adventures building an addition. The house in question was at his one time residence near Seattle, Washington - and must remain unidentified in order to avoid pilgrims rushing to that hollowed ground. That book is called How NOT to Build an Addition and is available at Amazon or any fine bookstore.

Mr. Rayment has considerable experience in painting, both interior and exterior. He also thoroughly researched this topic to make up any deficiencies in his own knowledge (however unlikely). This website is part of the InDepthInfo Network. Advertisers should use the contact link at the bottom of the page to request information regarding advertising rates and placement.

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Learn how to paint over silicone caulk.

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